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[drabble] birthday boy

title: birthday boy
pairing: Sehun/Chanyeol
rating: nc-17
word count: 1k
summary: sehun is the gift that keeps on giving
author's note: i literally wrote this in twenty minutes after chugging coffee and seeing chanhun’s special birthday dance

chanyeol and sehun are tangled up in bed, their long legs entwined and their lips locked. their long, gorgeous bodies slot against the other’s perfectly but they feel so small, huffing and gasping against each other’s mouths.

soft music is coming from yeol’s phone that is lost in the sea of blankets, slightly muffling the suggestive lyrics so breaths come out louder, sharper, each time he grinds his hips down onto sehun’s when they can feel the bass reverberate. it makes them tingle, all the way from the tips of their toes, over their spines, right to where they are connected: by spit slick lips and seeking hips.

sehun has his eyes clenched tight, a fist balled up near his cheek and just moments away from covering his mouth when a particularly high-pitched moan falls from it. yeol is there to eat it up, however, hungrily slipping his tongue into the other man’s mouth with a growl stuck in his throat. it makes the both of them shiver and when the playlist shuffles to a song with a faster tempo, it spurs them into action; it makes the need inside of sehun outweigh his shyness until he’s clambering on top of chanyeol and grinding his body down onto him.

hands grasp onto hips and blankets are tousled around to accommodate the both of them, all else falling to the background. sehun slots his face right along yeol’s sensitive neck and clamps on, wanting to occupy his mouth before needy whines tumble from it and he overheats from blushing a deep red. he’s already pink all over and so is chanyeol, the tips of his ears poking out from his messy hair and sehun nibbles on them too; playfully, lovingly.

the close attention to detail has chanyeol positively melting into the mattress and his groans of satisfaction rumble in his chest. there’s so much stimulation everywhere and sehun is riding him faster, deeper, with his clothed cock trapped inside of his tight boxers and the crook of chanyeol’s hipbone as he can feel chanyeol’s own graze along the cleft of his ass.

neither make a move to undress, however. neither want to break this moment of sheer pleasure and blissful escape. sehun is so eager that he knows he can take all of his boyfriend in one slick slide but he can’t form the words to ask for the lube, just continues swirling his hips, needing more of yeol’s melodic noises.

hands fondle through his hair and sehun’s mouth drops open, a bit of drool escaping from the corner of his lips. chanyeol knows exactly how to touch him to make a shiver run down his spine and heat pool in his gut. there’s a fire racing along his thighs when chanyeol tugs sehun closer, pressing full lips to the shell of his ear and

. sehun needs to bury his face into the crook of chanyeol’s neck once more just to muffle the high-pitched wail that tumbles from his mouth upon hearing it. there’s just something about chanyeol’s voice that can reduce him to a puddle, only held together by yeol’s embrace.

sehun’s heart is hammering so loud in his chest that he’s sure the other man can feel it; and he can surely hear it pounding along his eardrum. he is so swept up by the feeling and so unabashedly turned on that he raises in his seat a little -- one hand resting on yeol’s shoulder for support while the other grazes fingernails along his own stomach before deft fingers reach up to grab at his nipples. he always does this when he knows he’s close and needs stimulation everywhere he can get it.

yeol has teased his nipples relentlessly before, making sehun come just from touching them endlessly, but his usual generous nature shows when he slides his palm along sehun’s heated skin and tweaks the other nipple. sehun is full-on moaning now, not a care in the world as high-pitched whines tumble from his mouth, sounding oh-so slutty; and just the mention of that word has him simultaneously blushing a deep red and bouncing on yeol’s lap even faster.

the only thing that takes his attention away from giving and receiving pleasure is when he hears a faint yet noticeable plop followed by the rustling of blankets. he opens his eyes and needs to adjust them to the faint light in the room, seeing stars from all of the arousal rushing through him. when he notices where that sound came from, he slows his bouncing to a leisurely rock and pouts.

“what’s that pout for, baby boy?” chanyeol asks, his voice deep and rough but with a hint of playfulness. it makes sehun giggle but it tapers off into a whine when he remembers why exactly he’s pouting, causing his bottom lip to stick out even more.

“bubblegum fell,” he answers in a tiny, sad voice, pointing a finger to the pink plushie that tumbled ungracefully out of the bed from all of sehun’s bouncing. this makes him lose balance and so he, too, tumbles forward, caught in chanyeol’s arms.

“woah there, baby,” chanyeol chuckles. “don’t want everyone falling over today.”

the sweet tone has sehun smiling and resting his cheek along chanyeol’s chest. he grasps onto the man as he reaches over the side of the bed and picks up the plushie he had won for sehun earlier that day, returning it to its original spot resting along the headboard of the bed. sehun snuggles up further, wrapping his arms around chanyeol and squeezing as if he were a giant plushie himself, one all for sehun to cuddle and dote on and love.

“happy birthday,” he says for the thousandth time that day, and possibly the millionth this week. chanyeol lights up like it’s the first time he’s heard it, though, and plants a sweet kiss on the crown of sehun’s head.

“how about we get the birthday boy another slice of cake, huh?” chanyeol asks and sehun nods his head in agreement, never one to pass up sweets.

which is probably why he has such a sweet tooth for chanyeol.

Tags: drabble, originally posted on tumblr, pairing: chanhun, rated: nc-17
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