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[drabble] the wind howls (and you purr)

title: the wind howls (and you purr)
characters: yan su (dear archimedes) & catman (i love catman)
summary: this is an au in which the two characters sehun has played meet (+)

yan su is sitting at the grand piano again.

he often finds himself gravitating towards it, gliding a solitary finger over the polished white keys. he presses the same note over and over, rhythmically: this always helps him concentrate when he finds his thoughts stuck in a web. his brows are knitted in contemplation, tossing over numerous ideas in his head as he considers the dilemma at hand and how best to solve it. after all, mysteries don’t just piece themselves together over night. they require skill, knowledge, and a broad outlook, one that doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

there’s a storm gusting outside, the sound of whipping winds and nearing thunder lacing together with the notes he plays to create a peaceful harmony. not long after he pressed the first key does he hear familiar footsteps padding across the persian rug, nearing the right wheel of his mobility device with quiet, careful steps. he doesn’t need to look down from where he peers out of the window with a pensive look to know that it is his feline counterpart, a marvel to science and his senses alike.

the catman, as he has been dubbed, rubs his cheek along the spokes of his wheelchair tires, the rush of cold making a hiss fall hushed from his lips. without even meaning to, a giggle emits from yan su’s throat. he should rather be called catboy, he thinks to himself. he offers his free hand down for the kitty to sniff before he instinctively pokes his tongue out to lick, introducing his teeth rather quickly from being so comfortable with the man that sits beside him.

suddenly, the intellectual finds his thoughts shifting, silencing, the more that the hybrid comes into contact with his skin. all earlier inquiries are placed neatly back into the peripheries of his mind as all of his senses focus on the gentle nibbles and loving rubs that are so carefully delivered to him from the lithe form of the strange being next to him.

this doesn’t happen often. and by this, he means sticking his nose out of a book or coming down from his own little cloud to participate with those that are near him. he may not understand butterflies in one’s stomach or a metaphorically swelling heart; but the calm that washes over him when having the kitten close can shake him from any reverie.

the den lights up with a flash followed by a louder boom of thunder than before, making the kitten jump from his seat on the floor. yan su isn’t shaken by the noise, but rather grimacing at the shooting pain that runs through his legs. it always gets a tad worse to bear through when the weather is like this, the month of april being a time when he especially needs his chair to get from point A to point B. the kitten is perceptive of this, staring up at the man’s rigid face as his jaw clenches from the pain settling in his bones and joints.

yan su counters back in their little nonverbal relay by stroking his index finger along the kitten’s chin and jaw, knowing full well that the braces about his teeth must be making his mouth sore. a small whimper is all that needs to be uttered for the man to get the message clearly and yan su beckons the hybrid to sit between his two long legs.

the both of them find it very comfortable: the kitten radiates a warmth that is stunning and feeling it upon his legs works to ease the aches better than any homeopathic therapy he has read up on. he decides to ponder the source of such comforting heat later, once his mind snaps back into place from being so relaxed as he is now.

they settle into a familiar rhythm once more, with the storm rolling over the hills, becoming more distant with every keystroke. soon, there is silence. not even a ticking clock or the reverberating sound of a piano key can be heard. but of course, yan su is a perceptive one. he is able to pick up the soft exhales as the kitty slumbers at his feet, cheek pressed against his calf. with the other leg, he can feel how his back rises and falls with every breath.

there are things that yan su understands more than anything. and then there are times when he understands nothing. but he doesn’t have to decipher a riddle to know that this catman is precious to him. the reasons for that being so are the least of his concerns.
Tags: au: actor!hun, drabble, originally posted on tumblr, prompt fill, rated: pg
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