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[drabble] oopsie

title: oopsie
pairing: sehun/suho
word count: ~650
summary: the embarrassment makes him flush (and the pee running down his legs is warm)
warnings: watersports

he can feel a steady, warm stream pool at his crotch only to peter down his legs. its path crooks along the dip of his knee and along the back of his calves. it’s mostly down his left leg, where the tip of his member is pointed, but he is sufficiently soiled nonetheless. the only thing warmer than the golden liquid he can feel filling up his socks is his cheeks as they heat up with embarrassment. he cannot believe that he’s wet himself, especially in public. he thought these concerns of his would only stick to the bathroom, and begrudgingly his bedroom as well, but for their only day off in a while to be ruined by this just makes him want to cower in the linen closet until the end of time and never show his face again.

he’s frozen in place without a clue of what to do next when one name pops into his head: joonmyeon. he’s been the only one to know of his secret and the only one accompanying him that would be able to help, because he obviously can’t even help himself. he spots the man in question on the other side of the store, his own towering height coming in handy, but he cringes when he takes a step only to hear the familiar squishing sound of his drenched socks. he takes a cautionary look down and makes lemonade from lemons when he realizes he mostly messed himself, with only a minuscule puddle under his left foot that could be mistaken for something less humiliating. he, however, from his rosy cheeks to the wet patches along his gray sweatpants, can not hide how he just released all over himself.

he yanks a few pairs of pants from the racks in front of him and hopes with all his might they will cover him well enough as he treks from the men’s section to the fragnance counter where his loving hyung is currently standing. shooting glances around him and trying to appear inconspicuous, he makes quick steps and hums over the sloshing his wet shoes are making. it feels like the longest walk of shame he’s ever had to traverse in his entire life and he can’t exhale deep enough when he’s finally standing next to joonmyeon, who is oblivious to his plight as he continues sniffing scent-testers. the pleasant aromas that surround them, almost too strongly, does well to mask the reek of golden piss that sticks to sehun. he hasn’t taken a sip of water all day just to avoid this exact situation so the condensed and dehydrated liquid he’s drenched in is only stronger in smell.

he clears his throat and hiccups around it, not wanting to be covered in tears as well. the shorter man is still unaware of his presence and, not knowing what in the world to say, sehun tugs on his sleeve instead like a needy incessant child, whom he relates strongly to at this moment. this startles the elder and his head whips around to meet sehun’s, open-mouthed and wide-eyed. his expression quickly shifts to worry as he notices how distressed the maknae is, blush still hot and heavy on his cheeks.

“sehun?” he questions, but the other can’t muster the will to answer. it’s as if he’s lost speech all together like an infant and now can only whine and cry to his caregiver that he had a little accident and needs help cleaning up. actually, that’s all sehun can describe himself as being in this moment.

joonmyeon picks up on sehun’s nonverbal cues easily, having become accustomed to them, and his gaze drifts down the lean form in front of him only to be faced with a noticeable wet patch.

oh. he's made an oopsie.
Tags: cgl, drabble, my fic, pairing: seho, rated: pg-13
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